WHEP Contest

Eufaula’s Fant Family, Robert and Evan along with their parents Kimber and Michael, attended the attended the Alabama Wildlife Clubs 2019 State Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) Contest June 4-5 at Guntersville State Park. Robert, 7th grader, and Evan, 5th grader, represented Barbour County’s WHEP Club. The Club has met all year to learn wildlife terms and concepts, wildlife habitat management practices, wildlife damage management, and wildlife habitat quality. Other club members are Meredith Druey and Luke Padgett. Evan placed 5th place in Wildlife Management Practices in the WHEP Contest. Young people, 18 years of age and younger, who enjoy learning about nature are welcome to join the WHEP Club. Please call the Barbour County Extension office at 687-5688 to be a part of the team that will compete next summer.

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