Medical Center Barbour is expanding services offered to the community and is now offering services at its newly improved Outpatient Infusion Center, now located in the hospital’s Specialty Clinic.

Run by Jennifer Price, RN, the clinic is equipped to administer IV therapy and specialty injections prescribed by doctors to patients in a dedicated area of the hospital that allows for easier access for patients.

“One thing about having the Infusion Clinic in the Medical Center Barbour Specialty Clinic is that patients do not have to walk through the hospital, being exposed to whatever is in the environment at that time. They can enter through the Specialty Clinic entrance on the back side of the hospital,” Price said. “When a patient is immune-compromised, that means a lot. Our patients have a separate clean environment to receive their treatments.”

The Infusion Clinic now allows patients to receive care that they used to have to drive out of town for. “It’s quality care, closer to home,” commented Price. “If you have a condition that requires you to receive IV therapy, you can now get that care closer to home without having to drive an hour or two. You can even be referred to receive IV fluids if you are dehydrated. We administer blood transfusions also.”

Some of the infusion services offered are IV antibiotics, Daptomycin, Remicade, Tysabri, Ocrevus, Benlysta, Prolia, Reclast and IVIG.

A partial list of disorders treated at the clinic include: Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, CIDP, infectious disease, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and immune deficiencies.

When a patient walks through the door for treatment, they are warmly greeted and made as comfortable as they can be as they go through the steps of registering if they are a new patient, or whether they make weekly trips for treatment.

With a newly revamped area with soothing blue walls, the clinic offers comfortable reclining chairs, a clean environment, a television to watch if desired and tray tables to place any items they bring with them. If they get a little cool, blankets are available to help the patient to warm up.

The Specialty Clinic hosted a ribbon cutting on Thursday, June 18, to mark the official opening of the clinic even though they have been in operation for several months.

Referrals to the Infusion Center can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All referrals are processed as they are made by dedicated case managers at the hospital.

Outpatient infusion therapy is covered by most insurance with payment and patient assistance programs are available to provide exceptional care at a lower cost. To find out how to begin receiving IV therapy at Medical Center Barbour, call (334) 688 — 7478 or fax (877) 249-1191.

The MCB Infusion Center is located at 820 West Washington Street in Eufaula.

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