Daniel James Oliver is serving a life sentence for two assaults and two convictions for theft of property in Barbour County. He has served 17 years and eight months of the life sentence.

Oliver was convicted in 2002 of two counts of theft of property, and was convicted in 2003 of two counts of second-degree assault. In 2004, he was convicted in Henry County of third-degree escape. Oliver was out of prison early for a 1997 assault conviction in Dale County when he committed the two assaults in Barbour County. He had been sentenced in 1997 to 10 years for the Dale County assault and for another class B felony.

Oliver began his criminal career with a 1994 conviction for criminal mischief.

A parole hearing for Oliver has been scheduled for Feb. 13 at the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles in Montgomery.

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