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Southern Plastics has experienced a whirlwind of changes since 2018, but CEO Terry Spence said the lure manufacturing company has “more orders to fill and is busier than I can ever remember.”

Spence bought the company is 1984.

“We’re pretty busy, especially for this time of the year” Southern Plastics LLC President Lisa Hagler said. “I would say we’re doing about 100 percent more for this time of year based on the orders we have.”

Most of Southern Plastics orders go either to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri, Cabella’s at a West Virginia distribution center, or Strike King in Republic, Missouri.

“We can’t seem to get enough workers right now,” Hagler said. “The unemployment offices are unable to send us any.”

Hagler has been with the company 25 years.

Southern Plastics is asking potential workers to apply in person at 2 Humminbird Lane in the Eufaula Industrial Park. They will be met at the door and screened outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BDT purchased the company from Peak Rock Capital of Austin, Texas, and its subsidiary, Lew’s Holdings Corp. of Springfield, Missouri, about six months after Spence sold the business in 2018.

“Every company within our industry is experiencing the same thing,” Spence said. “Maybe it’s because of the COVID and people are just doing more fishing. Maybe it’s because high school and college fishing has become so popular. That has had such a positive impact on our industry.

“As far as Eufaula goes, I don’t think the company would ever leave.”

Southern Plastics was founded in 1971 by a trio of Eufaula businessman — brothers Tom and Don Mann and Robert McCollough.

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