Superintendent Joey Brannan and Chief Financial Officer Angie Ellis received very favorable reviews during its recent extensive evaluation process which included the Alabama Association of School Boards and — separately — members of the Eufaula City Schools Board of Education.

The school board meeting head only eight individuals at the central office, but 16 joined remotely via computer or cell phone. Among those participating remotely was board member Caty Richardson.

Board president Richard Wingate called it “a unique meeting.” At the close of the meeting, Wingate said, “Thanks to everyone putting this together... and I hope we never have to meet like this again.”

There were a few glitches with the meeting, but it otherwise went off as planned.

Brannan noted the first “go-round of students’ packets” had been sent by teachers via mail. The school provided envelopes and postage. “We were still under quarantine at the time,” Brannan said. “Hopefully, by our next meeting, May 4, there will be lesser restrictions.

“We are still going to do the packets but we may have a drive-through pick-up at the schools. We still have that option, depending on where we are in the quarantine. Right now, mailing the packets is our safest option.”

Under Brannan’s evaluation, the school board rated him from 3.3 to 3.7 in the various categories. A 3.0 is considered “Meets Expectations” with a 4.0 considered “Exceeds Expectations.” He received three 3.7 ratings — Educational Leadership of the Schools, Management of Pupil Personnel Services, and Communication and Interpersonal Development.

Brannan’s Direct Reports averages were even higher, ranging from one at 3.8 to several at 4.5 (5.0 in labeled as “Demonstrates Excellence.” He had five 4.5 ratings.

Ellis, who also participated in the meeting remotely, had six perfect 5.0 ratings from the superintendent, while her peer results ranged from one at 2.9 to a 3.7.

Personnel actions:

Employment, Certified: Kacie Gibbons, Math Teacher, Eufaula High School, effective 2020-2021 school year; Patrick Herndon, English Language Arts Teacher, Admiral Moorer Middle School, effective 2020-2021 school year.

Employment, Classified: Kelly Burdick, Bus Driver, Central Office, effective 2020-2021 school year.

Transfer/Reassignments (effective 2020-2021 School Year): Meredith Campbell, Voluntary transfer from Special Education Teacher, Eufaula Elementary School to Special Education Teacher, Eufaula High School; Virginia Jordan, Voluntary transfer from Special Education Teacher, Eufaula High School to Special Education Teacher, Eufaula Elementary School; Kay-Ann Blalock, transfer from Fifth Grade Teacher, Eufaula Elementary School to Special Education Teacher, Admiral Moorer Middle School; Alexandra Conniff, Voluntary transfer from Science Teacher, Admiral Moorer Middle School to EL Teacher, Admiral Moorer Middle School; Anna Wilkins, Voluntary transfer from Second Grade Teacher, Eufaula Primary School to Special Education Teacher, Eufaula Primary School.

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