Marvin Brown

In acknowledgement of being endowed with the gifts of faith and discernment, those two gifts afforded yours truly with the uplifted spirit to write, first, a letter to encourage the President of the United States, and then, about a particular servant leader who resides in Eufaula. He is to be acknowledged and celebrated while being honored on Oct. 19; all to be held at the Lakepoint Resort in Eufaula. 

He is preacherman, Mr. Marvin. The man called out of worldly affairs to do the master’s will, even though while in the world he was called to a greater and worthy mission. His mind became expanded. Ultimately, he realized the call from the Holy Spirit was the time to bring about a change from the things of the world to the things of God. As he continued to grow in understanding the call, he became alive and open to a brighter light.

Currently, Mr. Marvin oversees two congregations, the former Brown Memorial, now New Bread of Life and New Covenant Ministries, both of which are located in Eufaula. Mr. Marvin’s leadership journey began in his early years. At the age of 11, he was granted permission to chauffeur his late grandfather due to a vision deficiency. This was pivotal in his development as a leader as he held both his grandmother and grandfather in high regard and called them his “Mom and Dad.” Mr. Marvin’s late grandfather was the founder and Pastor of Brown Memorial and provided a shining image of a leading Pastor and man of God both in the church and in the household.

As the years went by, Mr. Marvin developed a strength and resilience that was instilled in him by family and close friends. This sense of family and community was shaken when Mr. Marvin’s mother passed away. She was always proud of her son and as a minister herself; she taught him about the importance of a righteous walk with the Lord. This allowed Mr. Marvin to become a beacon of light during one of the darkest times and he began distinguishing himself as a leader and inspiring his friends to follow his enlightened path. 

However, family and close friends aren’t the only people who recognize the light and stature that Mr. Marvin has proudly grown into. I recall an event that I attended a few years ago. It was a Dr. Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast with the highlighted speaker, Bob Coker. During a segment in his presentation, he stopped to ask, “Who is that man in the black suit?” He remarked to Mr. Marvin, “You are going places!” I took this statement as a revelation that Mr. Marvin was to continue and excel in his calling. Mr. Marvin is well respected and often called on by other leaders in part because of his commanding appearance and quick yet concise delivery of the word.

More importantly, Mr. Marvin is a divine instrument which Christ uses to bring salvation to the lost at any cost. This past spring, Mr. Marvin retired from Eufaula Public School System. He served as a coach at the preschool and was loved and respected for his leadership skills and friendly personality. He was also called in when there was a need to talk to a misbehaving students because of his ability to break through tough barriers with profound communication skills. 

Mr. Marvin has been committed to continuing the Arrie & Maggie Brown legacy in Eufaula. This is the starting point for the A.M.B. Humanitarian Foundation which will serve Eufaula and the surrounding vicinities. He is the man who accepted the call to pastorship. Moreover, as a minister of the gospel, one may possess one or more spiritual gifts. The gifts are often termed as a devotion that is strong in character. For instance, Mr. Marvin is able to make others feel at ease, often through friendly gestures or simply being able to interact with and get along with everyone. All are noted to be some of the traits whereby according to scripture, the spiritual gifts are “wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecies, discernment, tongues and interpretation of tongues.”

Consequently, Mr. Marvin’s Day is to be celebrated and acknowledged by participating attendees on Oct. 19. He is the man of the hour who was called to do the work of a minister, which is to preach the word in and out of season. Come join in and recognize some of the spiritual gifts. You will enjoy an evening with some of Mr. Marvin’s church family, family members, along with friends and a host of other attendees. He will enjoy your company and we will all have fun.

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