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Stone and Marc Nerves of Austin, Texas, enjoyed a recent outing on Lake Eufaula with Capt. Sam Williams.

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Sam Williams — The weather changes continue to have a negative effect on the bite. Bass are hitting bladed bait, mostly a reaction strike. The fish we are ringing in are spitting our fresh shad, so they are not hungry. It takes a lot of patience to work out an area thoroughly before moving to a new location. The deeper fish are doing well on small-bodied lures. The shad are from the hatch a few weeks ago and are still small. If you do not have a big-lipped small bait, rig it on a Carolina rig so you can retrieve it slow. If you get over a trash pile with a concentrated school, drop a heavy spoon on them and work it vertically in them. We have a great fish population and they are in great shape; it just takes work right now to get a limit.

Crappie are doing better. They are on the deeper structure and hitting minnows. The big numbers are not there right now but the ones being caught are good sized.

Bream and shell crackers are slowing down but worms on the bottom on the flats are still getting a few and the squealer cats are there as well. They are the best eating for sure.

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy what God has blessed us with in our great outdoors, take your kids and grandkids fishing and hunting. Those times will be shared at the supper table for generations to come.

God bless and good fishin’.

Capt. Sam Williams

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Lake Eufaula reading: Nov. 26» Current Level — 188.43

» Full Pool — 188.00

» Water temperature — Mid 50s

» Slight stain

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