A driver’s attempt to avoid trouble by switching places with a passenger failed last Friday, as the action was seen by the deputy that pulled him over, according to a press release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say a white pickup truck was pulled over for a seat belt violation around 12:17 p.m. that day, and that the deputy saw a woman switch places with the man seeing driving.

The man was identified as 50-year-old Alford resident Michael Ray Brady, and officials learned that his license was suspended and that he was listed as a habitual traffic offender.

He was arrested on a charge of driving while his license was suspended or revoked, with his status as a habitual offender noted.

Because the woman who took his place behind the wheel did not herself have a valid license, the truck was towed.

An inventory of the vehicle revealed a used hypodermic needle and spoon with suspected methamphetamine residue among Brady’s belongings, officials said, adding that field tests of the residue “yielded presumptive positive results for methamphetamine.”

At that point, Brady was additionally charged with possession of narcotic equipment ad was taken to the Jackson County jail to await first appearance on the charges.

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