Julio Echevarria has been charged with homicide in the stabbing death of a fellow inmate at Jackson Correctional Institution early last year.

In the arrest warrant for Echevarria, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement alleges that Echevarria killed Jamie L. Fenley on Feb. 4 of 2018.

Authorities say Echevarria’s cellmate was interviewed during the investigation. He allegedly told officials that he was in the shower when he heard something hit the wall between their cell and the shower. He reportedly said he looked out and saw Echevarria leaving the cell and placing a knife in his pants. The cellmate also told officials that he’d seen another inmate running “toward the front of the quad holding his neck area with blood everywhere.”

The cellmate also said that, when he returned to the cell he shared with Echevarria, he found Echevarria there trying to clean up the cell. The cellmate also reportedly told officials that Echevarria informed him that “Fenley had come into the cell asking for the $10 that Echevarria owed Fenley,” and that “Echevarria told Jackson he (Echevarria) pulled out his knife and had to ‘handle’ business.”

The warrant also includes information regarding video surveillance footage that was captured during a confrontation between Echevarria and Fenley just prior to Fenley seeking help at the quad.

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