The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of Aceain Theetri Nicholson, 25, on charges of resisting an officer without violence, driving without a valid license and a vehicle registration offense, according to a press release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Nicholson’s trouble with the law began on Wednesday around 1:43 p.m. A deputy driving an unmarked patrol vehicle pulled into a business parking lot east of Marianna to return a text message and was approached by Nicholson, an employee of the business. Nicholson asked the deputy why he was in the parking lot. The officer was in full uniform and was easily identifiable as such once contact was made, authorities said in the release.

“The deputy explained to (Nicholson) that he pulled over to return a text,” the release stated. “(Nicholson) stated that the business did not like non-patrons parking in their parking lot. The deputy finished his business and began to leave the area as did (Nicholson). The deputy waited for Nicholson to leave the parking lot so that he could leave also, but (Nicholson) would not enter the flow of traffic even when there was ample room to do so,” the release continued. “The deputy began to drive around (Nicholson) to exit the parking lot when (Nicholson) suddenly exited his vehicle and asked the deputy what his problem was. The deputy responded that he was just trying to get out of the parking lot and he was waiting on (Nicholson) to make room. (Nicholson) began accusing the deputy of harassing him, to which the deputy replied that he had not said or done anything to (Nicholson). The deputy noticed that (Nicholson’s) tag had been expired for five years and asked (Nicholson) for his driver’s license. (Nicholson) became more agitated and spontaneously stated that he did not have a valid driver’s license and that he only drove back and forth to work. He also stated that he purchased the vehicle two and a half months ago and had not registered it in his name or obtained his own tag. As the deputy attempted to calm him down, (Nicholson) ran westbound through the parking lot. He was ordered to stop and then tased. He fell to the ground, regained his footing and continued to run westbound through the parking lot until he was apprehended and taken to the ground. After a short struggle (Nicholson) was handcuffed. As he was being escorted to a patrol car he began to snatch away as if he was going to run toward the Hwy 90 traffic. He was again taken to the ground and eventually leg shackled. After being medically cleared by Jackson County Fire Rescue, (Nicholson)was lodged in the Jackson County Correctional Facility to await first appearance. He was charged with resisting an officer without violence, no valid driver’s license, and no motor vehicle registration,” the release concluded.

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