A Marianna man was charged with felony possession of synthetic cannabinoids this week after a deputy found him asleep at the wheel on U.S. 90 at its intersection with State Road 71 South, according to a press release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say that on Wednesday, Jan. 8, a deputy was westbound on U.S. 90 and entered the turn lane for SR 71 South, behind a white Ford F150, with the light red at the time. When the light turned green, the truck ahead didn’t move, officials say, and the deputy got out to check on the driver ahead.

The officer found 32-year-old James Anthony Coffelt asleep at the wheel, officials say, with the truck still in drive. The officer woke Coffelt and put the car in park. The deputy reported that Coffelt appeared groggy and had slurred speech. After determining that there was no medical emergency in process, the officer asked Coffelt to get out of the truck.

A search of his person was conducted, Coffelt stated that he had a sack in his right pocket, officials say. The sack contained a substance that Coffelt identified as K2/Spice, authorities stated in the release.

The suspected synthetic cannabinoid was later weighed at 7 grams. Coffelt was placed under arrest and later transported to the Jackson County jail to await first appearance on the above charge.

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