Two female correctional officers at separate state prison in Jackson County making court appearances this week are charged with unrelated crimes against the state but which in each case involved an alleged prohibited personal relationship with an inmate and resulted in contraband-related charges against both.

Officer Tiffany N. Pearson, 25, of Bainbridge, Georgia, is charged with two counts of the introduction of contraband (communications), unlawful use of a two-way communication, and interference with prisoners.

Ayena Carter, 38, of Dothan, Alabama, is charged with three counts of the introduction of contraband (communications) conspiracy to introduce contraband, unlawful compensation-six counts, interference with a prisoner, and unlawful use of two-way communication device.

Pearson is accused of sending an inmate images of a woman, some of them nude, to an inmate. The images were discovered on a cell phone that was collected as contraband at Apalachee Correctional Institution, where she was employed. Officials say a tattoo seen in one of the images appears to match one known to exist on Pearson’s person and that two other images discovered appear to depict her.

Carter is accused of receiving money transfers from associates of an inmate with which she reportedly ad a personal relationship. Officials say she had discussed in text messages with the inmate certain means of concealing contraband. She reportedly received about $2,000, collectively, in money transfers at various times, with some of the money transfer senders identified as relatives or associates of the inmate with which she allegedly had a prohibited personal relationship.

Among her alleged cell phone communications with the inmate, were messages she reportedly shared with him about the unfolding events of a ball game she was attending, and in another instance discussing the details of how contraband might be introduced into the institution. In another, officials say, she referred to the physical discomfort she was feeling as the result of having concealed items in a body cavity.

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