Marianna Police Chief Hayes Baggett this week announced the launch of a security camera registration program that would put voluntarily registered camera systems into a central database that officers with his agency could check for helpful information in the event of a nearby crime.

In an agency press release, MPD advised that the option is being offered in an effort to enhance investigative methods in criminal matters. Registration is open to both home and business cameras.

The Marianna Police Department will not have a direct link to the footage from your camera, officials say; the database will simply let the agency know you have a system that could have captured critical footage associated with an event being investigated.

“Providing us with the location of your security camera has the potential to help us apprehend or identify criminals faster, Baggett said in the release.

“As officers respond to criminal incidents, they may be able to use the information or footage you provide from the security camera to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved, thus keeping our communities safer. After registering your camera, you would only be contacted by a member of the Marianna Police Department if there is a crime in the vicinity of your camera, Baggett continued.

“Any information that is captured on a camera is of value to us. Our goal is to get as much information as quickly as possible in regards to any investigation we work, and video surveillance footage is excellent evidence.”

Baggett spoke further about this development and ongoing efforts to take advantage of advancing technology.

“The Marianna Police Department is committed to advancing policing through technology to help keep our city safe, he stated.

“With the advent of the many different security cameras today, such as doorbell style cameras, technology aided investigations are extremely effective in solving crimes. These cameras are affordable and becoming more prevalent by the day and this is just another resource that could be the key in solving a crime in your neighborhood.”

To register, visit and search for “camera registration.”

If you have any questions about this new program, contact MPD at 850-526-3125.

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