The Marianna Police Department reports the arrest of Steven Mitchell Gentry on charges of drug possession, possession of paraphernalia, introduction of contraband, driving while license suspended and attaching a tag not assigned.

In a press release, officials said that, on Dec. 23, Gentry was driving a black GMC pickup that was pulled over around 11:20 a.m. that day, because of an expired tag that was assigned to a Ford truck rather than the GMC.

The officer learned Gentry’s license was suspended and appeared to have been suspended several times since 2013, officials said.

“Gentry also advised the registration plate should be valid and that it came from his Ford pickup which had stopped working,” the release stated. “Gentry advised he placed this registration plate on the GMC under the belief that it would be legal,” it continued. “Due to the strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, Gentry was questioned about possible open containers in the vehicle.”

Gentry reportedly admitted there was a cup inside containing alcohol and eggnog. The cup was removed from the vehicle.

“The officer also observed a ‘vape’ smoking pen near the radio which he asked Gentry about,” authorities said. “Gentry claimed it was purchased from a local store and had no THC inside, but that the pen was his,” it continued. “Gentry was asked if there were any other substances or items within the vehicle which would be considered illegal. Gentry denied any knowledge and permitted a search of the vehicle to be conducted. Several more open containers of alcohol were removed from the vehicle and placed into the bed of the truck. During the search of the vehicle, a clear plastic container was located behind the driver’s seat which contained a clear plastic bag with crystal like contents, and a clear tube which contained a THC extract. This extract was the same brand as the one attached to the smoking pen,” the release continued.

“The crystal like substance was field tested on scene and yielded a favorable response for the presence of Methamphetamine and had a total package weight of 8.9 grams. Gentry was placed under arrest at this time and transported to Jackson County Correctional Facility. Upon arrival to the correctional facility, Gentry was asked if he had any other illegal items on his person which he could not take within the confines of Jackson County Correctional Facility. Gentry advised he had nothing on his person. A correctional officer with JCCF conducted a thorough search of Gentry’s person and discovered a clear glass smoking pipe with crystal like residue inside. This substance was later field tested and yielded a favorable response for the presence of methamphetamine.”

Gentry was taken to the Jackson County jail to await first appearance on the above charges.

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