A correctional officer trainee working at Florida’s Jackson Correctional Institution in Malone wound up behind bars himself this week, accused of conspiring with an inmate and the prisoner’s girlfriend to bring phones, marijuana and other prohibited items into the prison.

Gabriel Amadeo “Snowflake” Orneias, 23, of Newton, Georgia, is charged in the case with conspiracy to introduce contraband, unlawful compensation (two counts), and unlawful use of two-way communication (two counts).

According to the narrative in the affidavit for his arrest, prepared by the Florida Department of Corrections, Orneias is believed to have been involved in the alleged conspiracy for a period of about three months in mid-2019.

Officials allege that he received money transfers in exchange “for the non-performance of his lawful duty,” “engaging in a prohibited personal relationship with inmates,” and “utilizing a cellular telephone to communicate with and facilitate the receipt of contraband items from (an inmate’s girlfriend).”

Authorities allege that Orneias met the girlfriend in the parking lot of a grocery store in Tallahassee last Aug. 1 and in that meeting took a package from her that was wrapped in black electrical tape and contained cell phones and synthetic marijuana.

In exchange for introducing it into the prison, Orneias allegedly received $200 sent into a relative’s Cash App from the girlfriend’s Cash App account. The girlfriend allegedly also provided another money transfer for $50, with which Orneias was supposed to buy SIM cards for cell phones that he was to introduce into the prison and provide to inmates. Orneias also allegedly received a $250 transfer in the arrangement.

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