From the Floridan archives: 1973

Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, June 14, 1973, page 1A.

Graceville repairs city sewer plant that ‘blew up’

Graceville Mayor L.H. French Jr. said this morning repairs are underway on the city’s sewage system, which he reported “blew up” last Sunday morning.

He said the city is taking emergency measures that bypass some treatment steps but that city residents should expect no problems with their sewage disposal.

Escaping gas apparently was responsible for the explosion that wrecked some major components of the treatment system causing about $20,000 in damage, French said.

He added that the system was fully covered by insurance and not expected to financially burden the city. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, June 14, 1973

Alford sets forth police guidelines

Members of the Alford Town Council expressed dissatisfaction with various practices of the town’s police department at a meeting Tuesday night.

According to members, Police Chief Don Beasley does not spend the proper amount of time on the job; is out of town more than is necessary; and uses the police car excessively for unintended uses.

Councilmen asked that, in the future, he spend as much time as possible in town and use the car for trips to the jail in Marianna or for other out-of-town trips concerning his job.

He was also asked to notify a council member when he is going out of town and leave a number where he can be reached. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, June 14, 1973

Altha plans to purchase fire truck

The Altha Town Council pledged Monday night to spend the town’s revenue sharing funds to buy a new fire truck.

The town already has a small truck but needs two so the town will not be unprotected if a fire occurs out of town, officials report.

Morrell Bailey, a teacher at Carr Elementary School, was sworn in as new town councilman, replacing J.J. Grantham, who recently resigned. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, June 14, 1973

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