From the Floridan archives: 1974

Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 19, 1974, page 1A.

Shipp seeks support in former hometown

John Shipp, Democratic contender for State Commissioner of Education, brought his campaign to Marianna yesterday and several local supporters gathered at the Holiday Inn for a “coffee” in his honor. Shipp, former Marianna resident and educator, was active in the local Jaycees and at one time was the president of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. “I feel very keenly that we must return to a common sense approach to education in this state and get back to giving the teachers the time to teach and quit robbing them of their precious teaching time by all the petty details that we ask them to attend to of record-keeping and non-teaching duties,” Shipp said. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 19, 1974

Lumber fire examined

Fire Chief John Burch was seen examining rubble from a small fire yesterday afternoon at Fourth and Sixth streets. Burch said the wind carried some burning pine straw from a trash can and ignited a pile of lumber next to a tool shed. No other damage resulted. The Fire Department was called out again yesterday, this time to an 11 p.m. fuse box fire at a Davis Street home. Only minor damage to the fuse box resulted. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 19, 1974

Evidence fails to show Nixon approved acts

Nothing in more than 2,000 pages of domestic surveillance evidence gathered by the House Judiciary Committee shows clearly that President Nixon approved specific illegal acts by his assistants. But the record shows that the President set no limit on what his aides should do to halt newspaper stories about sensitive U.S. diplomatic plans. Nixon reserved some of this worst language for describing career bureaucrats who talked freely with reporters about U.S. foreign policy and even considered ordering lie detector tests for more than 1,000 State Department, Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency employees in order to “scare” them. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 19, 1974

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