From the Floridan archives: 1974

Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 26, 1974, page 1A.

Justice delays O’Malley probe

The Leon County grand jury must halt its investigation of Insurance Commissioner Thomas O’Malley until after the Nov. 5 general election, Florida Chief Justice James Adkins has ordered.

“In the interest of fair, equitable and just campaigning,” Adkins said in his Thursday order, no grand jury in Florida should investigate anyone qualified for election or reelection until after the vote.

News reports from investigations have confused voters, he said.

Grand jury foreman Dr. Fred Turner said the panel would obey. But he said that halting the complicated investigation until November would cause problems because the present grand jury’s term expires at the end of December.

“They’ll have to get another grand jury in January,” Turner said. — Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 26, 1974

Fingerprint check

Sgt. Gary Sullivan of the Marianna Police Department held a piece of broken glass from the rear window of Dr. James T. Cook’s office, while Jackson County Sheriff’s Investigator Sonny Dean dusted for fingerprints Friday.

Thieves gained entry to the office last night by breaking a window and opening the door from the inside.

According to Dr. Cook, no narcotics or medicines were taken, although the drawers in the desks had been ransacked and some money was missing. — Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 26, 1974

Tobacco prices up, still low

The Georgia-Florida flue-cured tobacco belt has been closed for the second week of 1974 auctions with prices climbing steadily but still short of the $100 or more per hundred pounds farmers have insisted they must have.

Thursday’s sales reached a record average of $94.89 per hundredweight. Wednesday’s average was $93.49.

Meanwhile, a subcommittee of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee approved a bill which would provide a 10 percent increase in price supports on flue-cured leaf. — Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 26, 1974

Impeachment vote nears; passage appears certain

The vote most members of the House Judiciary Committee regard as the most important they will ever cast faces them today as they consider articles for the impeachment of President Nixon.

Chairman Peter W. Rodino Jr., D-N.J., has advised members they face, “the terrible, tremendous burden of trying to reach a decision that will last for all time.” — Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 26, 1974

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