From the Floridan archives: 1974

Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 12, 1974, page 1A.

Sparky Jr.’s fire career short lived

The career of Sparky Jr., the playful Dalmatian puppy acquired recently by the Marianna Fire Department, ended almost as early as it began Tuesday.  He was returned to the Aquarium Pet Shop in Panama City where he had been purchased on June 18.

Sparky Jr. was deaf — he would never hear the wailing of a fire siren.  A woman at the pet shop agreed to take him into her home.

Any dog may have a difficult time taking the place of Sparky Sr., Sparky Jr.’s predecessor.

He would never leave a burning building if there was a man inside — and a fireman could often reach out and find him right there by his side.

Sparky Sr.’s career met an abrupt end when he ran through a puddle of water with a live wire in it and was severely shocked. Although Fire Chief John Burch revived him with artificial respiration, Sparky Sr. was never the same.

He was given to a man in Chipley to spend the rest of his days on a farm.  —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 12, 1974

Graceville bank opens

The New Peoples National Bank of Graceville held ribbon-cutting ceremonies yesterday before an audience of approximately 100.

Mrs. W. D. McRae of Graceville cut the ribbon shortly after 3 p.m., officially opening the new bank, which will open with six employees and plans to expand in the near future. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 12, 1974

New shopping center coming along

The new Grant’s Shopping Center on East Lafayette Street in Marianna is progressing on schedule, with windows having been added to the main store.

The old, unoccupied warehouse at the corner of Dogwood and Lafayette is being torn down this week.

Estimated opening date is Sept. 30. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 12, 1974

Dog… gone?

A large red Irish setter was apprehended on Fourth Street in Marianna yesterday by City Dogcatcher Robert Halstead.

The fairly young, friendly animal is being housed in the city dog pound. The only identification on it is a Georgia dog tag.

If anyone knows the owner, please contact the Marianna Police Department. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, July 12, 1974

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