From the Floridan archives: 1970

Jackson County Floridan: Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1970.


Florida farmers facing a severe livestock and poultry feed shortage caused by corn blight conditions issued an appeal to the federal government. Farm Bureau presidents across the state met in Gainesville and asked that John C. Lynn, the organization’s executive vice president, contact Secretary of Agriculture Cliffard Hardin and urge action to relieve the feed shortage, such as releasing surplus grains at cost to Florida farmers. — Jackson County Floridan, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1970


Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Lawton Chiles was spotted in strolling through downtown Marianna. He addressed the Marianna Jaycees at a noon luncheon and spoke to several local officials and townsfolk before heading in the direction of Blountstown. — Jackson County Floridan, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1970


Wage data showed the typical worker in the area was better off than five years prior, in terms of purchasing power, with earnings going up more than enough to offset the cost of living. The average working man in Jackson County needed to put in 36 minutes on the job in order to buy two dozen eggs. — Jackson County Floridan, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1970


After six weeks of operating under a federal court order, Jackson County’s 14 schools settled down to the day-to-day job of educating nearly 8,300 students. School Superintendent Childs said the schools weren’t out of the woods yet, sighting continuing problems, but took an optimistic tone when looking toward the rest of the school year. The first week of school saw chaos in some schools, especially where there were a greater number of student transfers than expected: buses ran off schedule, pupils boarded the wrong bus or no bus at all, lunchrooms struggled to feed seemingly endless lines of students, water fountains dried up and electricity failed. Within two weeks, most major logistical problems had been overcome. — Jackson County Floridan, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1970

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