From the Floridan archives: 1974

Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Aug. 15, 1974, page 1A.

Commissioners told of election woes

Jackson County Supervisor of Elections Alyne Pitman expressed concern to county commissioners Tuesday about the lengthy ballots and the crowded polling places in the forthcoming elections. “People were not as politically-minded back in 1958, when the voting machines were purchased as they are now,” Pitman said yesterday. “Only 35 names can be listed vertically on the ballot,” she said. “And no one wants to be number 35.” Crowded polls are also a concern for Pitman, though not as much in the forthcoming elections as they will be in the election of ’76. Florida law requires a separate voting machine for every 350 voters in a precinct, but in East Marianna alone there are almost 700 registered voters and only one machine, Pitman said. In order to speed up the voting process, she suggests voters familiarize themselves with the ballot before the elections. — Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Aug. 15, 1974

Steps taken to prevent pollution of Econfina Creek

County commissioners took preliminary steps Tuesday to prevent the pollution of Econfina Creek, which begins in the lower portion of Jackson County and flows into Bay County. Bill Stanton, executive vice president of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, was granted permission to contact owners of property adjoining the creek to see if they have objections to the enactment of an ordinance for a 100-foot construction setback line along the water’s edge.  Similar rules have been adopted in Bay County. — Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Aug. 15, 1974

Final report says Nixon directed Watergate cover-up

The final draft of the House impeachment inquiry’s report concludes that former President Richard M. Nixon “from the beginning … knowingly directed the cover-up of the Watergate burglary.” — Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Aug. 15, 1974

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