Brandon Daniel Sikora

Brandon Daniel Sikora

A correctional officer at Graceville Correctional Facility has been arrested after an ongoing investigation into the introduction of drugs and contraband into the facility.

Brandon Daniel Sikora, 21, of 1490 Sanders Road in Graceville, was charged with attempt to introduce contraband into a secure facility, and possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Sikora made contact with a law enforcement informant at the McDonalds on Highway 71 in Marianna Friday morning. Sikora had previously arranged on the phone to meet the person, according to a press release from the Jackson County Drug Task Force.

Sikora received half a pound of marijuana and $2,000 from the person he met. The marijuana was supposed to be smuggled into Graceville Correctional Facility by Sikora; the $2,000 was his payment for doing so, according to the release.

After receiving the marijuana and money, Sikora was confronted, arrested and booked into the Jackson County Correctional Facility.

Sikora has been placed on suspension from Graceville Correctional Facility pending the outcome of the investigations, according to the release.

The half pound of marijuana Sikora was to attempt to smuggle is valued at approximately $10,000 inside a correctional facility, according to the release.

“Drugs are in high demand inside prisons and are considered to be extremely valuable to inmates,” the release stated.

Correctional officers and  the Jackson County Drug Task Force are  seeking and attempting to bring to justice corrections employees that are involved in these illegal activities, the release stated.

The Jackson County Drug Task Force is the combined effort of the Cottondale, Graceville and Marianna police departments, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

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