I am a business owner in Jackson County, Florida. I am sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars a month for so called “high speed” internet access, while our county commissioners do absolutely nothing about it!

I also have two school-aged children who can’t even get online to do their dual enrollment at Chipola with enough confidence to take a test online! We live in unincorporated Jackson County, outside of Grand Ridge, very near I-10, which has high speed fiber optic cables running down it!

Jackson County may be a rural community, but that does not mean our children and businesses deserve crap, and excessively high prices for internet ($250 a month for 25 MBPS, not guaranteed, and slowed down all the time). Right now I am at 1.97 MBPS for download speed! Our county commissioners could demand the cable companies provide to all folks in our county, or move on. Yet they sit still, collecting their salaries, and using the internet in Marianna that most of us are not even able to get!

The internet is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity, like electricity. One cannot function in today’s society without it!

After years, and years of this garbage, and being ignored, I am now looking to put my home on the market, and move my family and business out of this area, just so we can have some of the basic services offered in other communities, which makes me very sad and upset.

When is Jackson County going to come out of the dark ages?! I love this area, and have lived here almost 30 years now, but I can’t run a business or allow my children to suffer anymore.


Cynthia Cuenin

Jackson County

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