Colonics and Massage of Marianna

From left, are: Jenni Roberts Licensed Massage Therapist; Deloris Brockner, owner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist, RN; and Susan Deming, Licensed Massage Therapist.

One of the newest businesses in the City of Marianna is Colonics and Massage located at 2946 Jefferson Street. Owners Deloris and Gerald Brockner want to provide citizens of Marianna a new approach to wellness.

Deloris explained that about ten years ago she was visiting Tennessee when she became ill. It was during this visit that she experienced her first colonic and “felt better the same day.” Since that time, Deloris has been enjoying the benefits of colonics.

Many people are familiar with the terminology, but do not have a thorough understanding of what colonics entails. The procedure removes wastes from the colon with warm filtered UV light water, which is an alternative to drugs such as laxatives or stool softeners. Colon hydrotherapy or colonics is a method of maintaining a healthy colon, which results in a colon that absorbs water and produces vitamins K and B.

According to Deloris, the procedure takes about 45 minutes and the manufacturer recommends patients visit two days back-to-back, and then return once a week for 12 weeks. Patients with conditions such as allergies, memory loss, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, Multiple Sclerosis and many other illnesses have responded favorable to the technique.

Deloris strongly expressed that dignity and privacy are maintained during the procedure. Colonics is available for ages 17 to adult. Children 16 and under must provide a prescription from their doctor, and their parents must be present.

The facility also offers ion foot soaks, which according to Deloris eliminate chemicals, metals, plastics, pesticides, and other toxins that may have polluted the body. Some believe this procedure is helpful for adults and children with food allergies and autism. While visiting Colonics and Massage, take time to also enjoy massage therapy.

“Our mission is that we don’t diagnose, treat or cure,” explained Deloris. “We help people take charge of their health and wellness by offering holistic alternatives.” Deloris is a licensed Registered Nurse, with an additional license in massage therapy and colohydrotherapy.

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