Connolly talks car data with Altrusa

Program speaker Kelly Connolly, left, and Altrusa President Jay James.

Kelly Connolly spoke to Altrusa International of Marianna about #YourCarYourData. She enlightened the club about all of the data that is collected by your vehicle. Unknown to most of us, this data is collected and owned by the car manufacturers instead of the owner of the car. The manufacturer has complete control of that information. The information can be used to determine the health of your vehicle as well as personal information about where your car travels and how it is driven.

A petition created by the national education and advocacy campaign “Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.” reached 15,000 petition signatures on Friday, Nov. 22, marking a significant milestone in the effort to ensure drivers have direct access to and control of their car data. Go to to learn more. You are encouraged to sign the petition to protect your rights to access your car data and make the choice about who you want to work on your car. The automobile industry is in process of limiting your choices of who will work on your vehicle by limiting access to the data needed to make repairs.

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