Jackson County Commissioners on Tuesday considered but tabled immediate action on an interlocal agreement in which the county would turn over its Endeavor property utility assets to the city of Marianna.

A motion had been made to take the action, but it was withdrawn as discussion progressed. County officials first want assurances that the city would be willing to waive certain utility fees associated with the property if such action is warranted in trying to provide incentives that could help draw businesses there to occupy Endeavor, now being targeted to become a new hub of economic growth for the county.

Under the utilities agreement as proposed, the county would first get the assets into a condition acceptable by the city, including any necessary installation, repair, and upgrade to the system, and after they are inspected and deemed acceptable by the city. The city would then own, operate and maintain the water line and sewage lift station. The city would establish rate schedules for customers within the city limits, including required deposit amounts, connection fees and other user charges.

The agreement would take effect once both entities sign off on it. County staff was directed to speak with Marianna City Manager Jim Dean about obtaining assurance on the possibility of fee waivers and the matter is to be addressed again once that is accomplished.

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