Work continues to clear up a complication that is delaying the sale of the old Jackson County Community Development building and its site on Lafayette Street in Marianna.

With an offer of more than $270,000 on the table from an undisclosed client for the potential purchase of the structure and land, county officials learned in a survey that a portion of the driveway and a block wall near it are apparently actually not owned by the county although it was used for many years by the government, in fact through the lifetime of the 1950’s structure. According to a memo prepared for the county board by attorney Michelle Jordan, the parcel is “approximately half of the county’s driveway up to a line marked by a longstanding block wall.”

This title defect is under review.

Officials are working with the apparent actual owner of the strip to possibly obtain a right-of-way access agreement with that party or to find some other solution, and the potential owner has offered a lower price, of around $205,000 if it turns out, as it appears, that the small strip of land is not owned by the county as authorities had first believed. The apparent owner is not interested in selling the strip of land.

The county department had vacated the property last year as evidence of air quality issues in the building had surfaced, and has long been interested in selling it.

The property had been put up for sale by the county and the winning bid was placed by a locations contractor on behalf of a client not yet revealed, who plans to raze the building for its purposes on the land.

The county continues to work toward a solution that could clear the way for the finalization of the sale to the satisfaction of the government, the potential buyer, and the owner of the land at issue.

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