From the Floridan archives: 1973

Jackson County Floridan, Friday, June 15, 1973, page 1A.

Responsibility for handling fines circulating courthouse

The task of collecting and distributing fines and forfeitures in Jackson County is being passed back and forth between a couple of county while officials of various municipalities such as Grand Ridge are beginning to ask when they will receive their share of monies due their city under Article Five of Florida’s judicial reform law.

The subject came up at a recent county commission meeting, when Grand Ridge city officials questioned why they were not receiving funds legally due the city.

Circuit Clerk Raymond Bruner said the sheriff’s department is collecting those monies and is responsible for distributing them, adding that he had been advised by a representative of the state Supreme Court and the Florida assistant auditor general to allow the sheriff’s department to do so.

Bruner said those state officials expected the governing legislation to change, but it had not. On July 1, the responsibility will return to the circuit clerk’s office. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, June 15, 1973

Scholarship wranglers

Judy Milton and Lynn Williams, both of Marianna, each recently received a $150 scholarship from the local cattlemen’s association.

The award was presented by Gerald Mason, current association president.

The two winners were competition with four other girls and two boys for the Chipola scholarships, which are presented each year to children of association members. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, June 15, 1973

New law makes swamps harder to merchandise

Land salesmen who peddle Florida swamp to out-of-state residents by telephone must say more about what they’re selling when a new state law goes into effect.

Gov. Reubin Askew signed a bill Thursday that allows land sales by telephone only if the buyer has visited the property or has been given detailed information approved by the state Land Sales Division.

Plus, the buyer has 60 days to back out of the deal. Bill sponsors say it aims to stop a multimillion-dollar-a-year fraud that leaves buyers of sight-unseen land with property that is uninhabitable and often under water. —Jackson County Floridan, Friday, June 15, 1973

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