From the Floridan archives: 1980

Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, May 23, 1980

Commission declares Malone emergency

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution declaring the existence of an emergency situation in Malone in a special session Friday. In the resolution, the board is appealing to the state, through various agencies and the office of the governor, asking them to take action, such as is feasible to remedy the imminent health hazards and provide temporary housing for displaced residents. After the resolution was passed, it was stated that a telegram would be sent to the governor from the commission informing him of the action taken and the action they are seeking from the state. Chuck Sims, Civil Defense director, visited the area Thursday with Commissioner Thomas Tyus. Sims said the main problem at the time would be relocating 10 families. A more dangerous problem could arise if the water level rises any more at the Florida Pond, located on the state line above Malone. There are possibilities of a land slide at the pond, depending on how saturated the land surrounding the pond is. “If the pond were to break during the night, half of Malone would be in water before anyone knows about it,” Tyus said. —Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, May 23, 1980

Miami remains calm with Guard on call

Holiday crowds flocked to Miami’s sun-filled beaches Saturday, as peace prevailed a week after the city erupted in bloody rioting. But 1,100 National Guard troops remained on call just in case. Gov. Bob Graham, riding through Miami’s riot-wracked Liberty City neighborhood Saturday, said it looked like a “war-zone landscape.” “It was a disaster area prior to the riots,” Reginald Burton, assistant director of Miami-Dade Neighborhood Housing Services, told the governor later. Sixteen people died as a result of the shootings, beatings, and burnings that ignited in the city’s predominantly black northwest section after an all-white Tampa jury acquitted four white former policemen in connection with the death of a black businessman in Miami. —Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, May 23, 1980

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