From the Floridan archives: 1973

Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 8, 1973.

Cottondale gets deed for site of new factory

Upon receipt of the city’s $7,500 check, M.R. Stokes presented the Cottondale City Commission at its meeting Tuesday night, a deed to the five-acre tract selected for lease to the Colonial Division of Kayser-Roth for location of a garment factory.

The deed contains a stipulation that in the event this land is not used for industrial purposes within the next three years, Stokes will be allowed to repurchase the land at the selling price plus six percent annual interest. The commission expressed its appreciation to Stokes for his interest and assistance in obtaining new industry for the city. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 8, 1973

City to sell fire truck

The Marianna City Commission agreed at its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night to sell to the highest bidder the city’s 1946 fire truck, a 500-gallon Chevrolet pumper. The truck was rendered surplus when the city purchased a Peter Birch, 1,000-gallon pumper less than one month ago, and city Fire Chief John Burch told the Commission Tuesday that it was his feeling that the old truck should be sold.

Mayor Don Smith of Alford appeared before the Commission and told them that his city direly needed a fire-fighting vehicle and offered to buy the truck. However, on advice of city attorney Wayne Grant, the commission felt legally bound to let the truck be sold on bid, although some commissioners said they would prefer selling it directly to Alford. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 8, 1973

Nixon asks nation to conserve fuel

Congressional leaders have promised prompt action on most or all of the energy-saving measures requested by President Nixon in his address to the nation. In his Wednesday night address, Nixon accused Congress of failing to act on any of the energy measures he had sent to the Hill.

The President said it was now “imperative” that Congress pass legislation establishing year-round Daylight Saving Time, authorizing relaxation of clean-air standards, the tapping of naval petroleum reserves and giving government power to reduce speed limits nationwide and restrict working hours. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 8, 1973

Horsemen win trophies

Three Marianna youths — Terry Carter, Joel Jordan and Travis Rooks — received awards at the Northwest Florida-South Alabama Horseman’s Association’s Annual Awards Banquet, Saturday at Morrison’s Restaurant in Dothan, Ala. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 8, 1973

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