From the Floridan archives: 1984

Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1984

Survey: Reagan could sweep 50 states

President Ronald Reagan has a chance at an unprecedented 50-state sweep against Democratic challenger Walter F. Mondale, according to an Associated Press survey taken as the 1984 campaign entered its final weekend. —Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1984

Confusing ballot item clarified

An item in the second column of the Nov. 6 General Election ballot may be confusing to voters who are not familiar with the “merit retention” plan established in 1976, which deals the selection of appellate and Supreme Court justices in Florida. Under the new system, justices will not run against opposition; voters are simply asked to select “yes” or “no” when asked if the justice should remain in office. The “merit retention” plan was developed to resolve conflict between a judge’s need to campaign for office while still rendering impartial judgments in court. The original appointment of the justice is made by the governor. After one year, the judge’s name goes on the ballot. A majority “yes” vote sends the judge back for a six-year term. This year’s ballot contained two Supreme Court justices (Leander J. Shaw and Ehrlich are each seeking their first full term) and three appellate court judges from District 1, which includes Jackson County (Ralph W. Nimmons Jr., Klein Wigginton and E. Earle Zehmer each seek retention in office). —Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1984

Former mayor dies

Dr. Robert L. McLendon, 90, of 1201 College St. in Marianna, died after a lengthy illness, Friday, Nov. 2, in Jackson Hospital. McLendon graduated Emory University College of Dentistry in 1920. He was a former mayor of Marianna and senior warden at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Violet McLendon, of Marianna; one son and three grandchildren. —Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1984

Turkey dinner more expensive

The Agriculture Department says that a Thanksgiving dinner this year will cost 7.5 percent more than last fall because of higher prices for turkey, fruit and some other familiar dishes. Department calculations show one serving of a turkey dinner with stuffing, potatoes, gravy, vegetables and other side dishes made for six will cost $8.35. Last year, the same dinner for six cost $7.77 per serving. The per-serving price in 1974 was $5.38; in 1964 it was $3.37. —Jackson County Floridan, Sunday, Nov. 4, 1984

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