From the Floridan archives: 1973

Jackson County Floridan, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973, page 1A.

Campbellton ‘lost’ on government log

Campbellton is among ten tiny Florida towns which may have lost out on revenue sharing funds because the federal government apparently doesn’t know they exist.

Campbellton Mayor Woodrow Porter informed by the Floridan of an Associated Press report that his city was one of the ten cities in Florida eligible for federal funds but apparently overlooked by the U.S. Treasury Department says he was under the impression from correspondence his community would receive some of the funds.

A Campbellton businessman informed of the oversight said, “Well, the Internal Revenue Service knows where Campbellton is. That’s the government, the reimbursement department can’t find us but the collection department sure as heck can.” - Jackson County Floridan, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973

Prisoner upkeep costly

The cost of keeping a prisoner for one week at the Jackson County Prison Camp has risen to $158.

That figure was revealed by Commission Chairman M.A. ­Schack at a recent commission meeting.

Schack reported to fellow board members he had compiled figures on the prison facility which show the yearly cost of keeping one inmate, at the present rate of use, is $8,228.15 per prisoner per year.

“Only one employee of the prison camp earns more per week than the expense of keeping a prisoner per week,” Schack declared, “and that is Captain Hill.” Dennie Hill is the prison camp superintendent. - Jackson County Floridan, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973

Ticket office entered at park; safe stolen

The ticket office at the gate of the Caverns State Park in Marianna was broken into sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, according to Jackson County Sheriff Ronnie Craven.

Craven said the safe, which contained $198, was taken and later recovered by investigators northeast of Greenwood, about one-fourth mile south of SR 165, on a dirt road. Officers said the safe door had been peeled open. - Jackson County Floridan, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973

Love needed for addicts

Mrs. Alvah Martin, an RN at Tallahassee Community College told the Chipola Services Association Tuesday that those people who are prone to become drug addicts do so because they have failed to establish a communication link with one significant person in their lives.

She said, “love is the answer if there is an answer. If there is a cure at all, it is a human-to-human relationship more than anything else.” - Jackson County Floridan, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973

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