From the Floridan archives: 1973

Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1973

Candle power

With all the talk about the energy crisis, even the younger set is “turning on” to what it’s all about.

Seen all bundled up for houses with thermostats set six degrees lower were Melanie Shepard, 5, and Rob Cousson, 4. They decided to shed a little light on the situation with the use of a candle and found that it also makes a great hand-warmer.

Parents of the two are Mr. and Mrs. David Shepard and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cousson, all of Marianna. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1973

Gulf Coast communities to undergo black-out period

Four Gulf Coast communities — Fort Meyers, Punta Gorda, Venus and Naples — were blacked out Wednesday night, leaving some 50,000 persons without electricity, according to Florida Power & Light Co.

Power, in most parts, was restored in a few hours, officials said.

The cause was not immediately known, but an FPL representative said 90 percent of blackouts in the company’s system had been due to vandalism since electrical workers went out on strike 29 days ago. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1973

Arsenal stolen

Kwilecki’s Hardware Store in Chattahoochee was broken into last night and thieves got away with roughly 50 firearms, according to police there.

Thieves reportedly broke down the back door to gain entry. Shotguns, hand guns and BB guns are among the missing items.

The burglary occurred between midnight and 1 a.m. and the arsenal was loaded within sight of the police station, according to one policeman. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1973

O’Malley to investigate insurance rate hike

State Insurance Commissioner Thomas O’Malley says he will examine an automobile insurance rate hike announced Wednesday by the Allstate Insurance Co.

Florida law gives O’Malley veto power over the hike — 15 percent average statewide — after an examination of the company’s books and a public hearing. Allstate could challenge O’Malley’s order in court. —Jackson County Floridan, Thursday, Nov. 29, 1973

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