Katricia Baker and daughters

Katricia Baker, center, a local gospel singer that performs as Katricia LaShon, participated in the recent Nspire Trinity group photo shoot with daughters Leanuah Baker, left, and La’Nia Baker. Nspire Trinity also shot the cover for LaShon’s first CD release, on which Baker’s children performed with their mother.

Local gospel singer Katricia Baker, who performs and records as Katricia LaShon, and her daughters participated in the recent “I am Beautiful” photo shoot by photographer and Nspire Trinity Photography owner Monica White. LaShon wrote all seven songs on her first full-length CD, “Utter Praise.”

She describes it as an “upbeat, contemporary gospel” work.

She said she chose the title because she wanted to express in it her belief that God hears and understands all “utterings” seeking communications with that higher power, not just words of prayer. Moans, tearful expression, and every other form of expression are discernible to Him, she wished to impart in her music and in the title of the piece.

“I was reading and studying and thinking about how God hears you, and that’s what came to me,” she explained, adding that she felt it was important to get across to others the message that God hears and understands every effort humans make in reaching out to Him. “The God we serve is amazing. I was coming from a Bible study session, and looking over the water as I drove across the bridge from Chattahoochee to Sneads, when that realization just washed over me and inspired one of those songs.”

And her knowledge that photographer Monica White shares that belief is part of the reason she thought of and ultimately decided to participate with her daughters in the photo session proposed by White in recognition of Black History Month and as one in a set of sessions White has planned through the end of 2020. Her children, including her son, had all contributed to her musical works and she felt that having herself and the girls in White’s February project featuring female subjects would create yet another important creative bond between herself and her daughters.

The experience was all she’d hoped for, she said.

“You could feel the positive vibe in the session,” Baker said. “There was a good and Godly spirit in it, and we were all in one accord. You knew it was something good happening. I want my daughters to have a positive image of themselves, and to realize that life is about far more than looks, and the things you can see readily. True beauty emanates from the inside and the project was very successful in showing the world that it’s true. I want my girls to always know that and live by the knowledge.”

Baker continues to promote that message in her personal life and in her own work. For information about purchasing her CD, email katriciabaker@yahoo.com.

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