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Hunter Potts

In this article we will be taking a look at what you need to know to set up a manufactured home in Jackson County.

A manufactured home, commonly known as a mobile home here in the United States, is a type of prefabricated housing that is largely assembled in factories and then transported to one particular area to be used as a permanent living accommodation. In Jackson County we have well over 5,000 of these units currently in place and that number is steadily growing as people are continuing to purchase and install them. Listed below are the steps that a homeowner should take when setting up a manufactured home in Jackson County.

Special Considerations

If your home is going to be placed in a manufactured/mobile home park or inside the city limits you must obtain a development order from the city in which it will be placed.

Check with your municipality to see what the unit age limit requirements are on setting up a manufactured home in your area; often the home must be a 1976 unit or newer.

Be sure that the home has a wind Zone rating of at least 2 or 3.

Manufactured Home Set-Up Process1. Obtain a Manufactured Home Permit. It costs $50. The first step is to complete a Residential Development Order; which can be obtained from the Jackson County Planning office. Call 850-482-9637 for more information.

2. Next, if you need a new septic tank or must have an existing one and have a pump-out statement for it to be deemed acceptable. You must apply/give notice at the Jackson County Environmental Health Office 850-482-9227. Keep in mind that a Manufactured Home Set-up permit will not be issued until you have a construction permit for a new septic tank or a pump-out statement for an existing tank. Fees associated with this step are determined by the Environmental Health Office and can be found on the agency’s website.

3. A Manufactured Home Set-up Permit must be purchased by the manufactured home installer who will be responsible for the installation of the home. It costs $130 and can be obtained from the Jackson County Building Services office. Call 850-482-9082 for more information.

4. An electrical permit must be purchased by the homeowner or a licensed electrical contractor. It costs $70 and can be obtained from the Jackson County Building Services office. Call 850-482-9082 for more information.

5. A final inspection is the next step. It is done once at no additional cost to the homeowner and is to be scheduled with the Jackson County Building Services office at 850-482-9082. However, it is imperative to make sure that all inspection requirements have been met in order to avoid having to schedule a second inspection, which will cost $40. Recorded below is a list of the various inspection requirements that need to be met prior to the final inspection. Note: You must call 48 hours in advance to schedule an inspection.

Manufactured Home Inspection Requirements1. Someone has to be on site, or the home has to be unlocked to give the inspector access.

2. The location’s 911 address must be posted before inspection.

3. A round electrical services pole at least six inches in diameter is required.

4. The service pole should be at least four feet in the ground.

5. Florida Public Utilities require their poles to be 14 feet high; West Florida Electric will accept 12 feet

6. The meter base must be placed at eye level.

7. The ground rod and approved ground clamp must be visible and 12 inches from side of the service pole.

8. Equipment ground wires to the service pole must be properly installed (two wires; one 12 inches from the pole and one at least six feet from the first).

9. Ensure that you have used the proper wire sizes (check with licensed electrical contractor).

10. All unused knockouts must be properly closed.

11. Is all the conduit gray? (White water pipe is not acceptable).

12. A disconnect is required on all manufactured homes regardless of panel board size.

13. Have you removed the cover from the panel board inside the manufactured home for inspection?

14. Has installer of your manufactured home placed their sticker on the home?

15. Have the required tie downs been installed?

16. Are the piers under your manufactured home to code?

17. Has the final approval on septic tank been given by Environmental Health? (Hook up of water lines should have been inspected at this point.)

18. Manufactured homes cannot be skirted before inspector makes his inspection. Water and sewer must be connected.

19. The orange permit cards (for set up and electrical) go in the window or on the door of the manufactured home where the inspector can easily see them upon arrival.

20. Are there properly-sized steps with hand rails on all doors of the manufactured home? (The first step must be at least the width of door and must have a level landing from the home; all steps must have hand rails.)

21. Set-up manual must be present at inspection if it’s a new manufactured home.

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