Isaiah Long

Isaiah Long

Isaiah Long is honored to announce his candidacy for Marianna City Commissioner District 2.

Long has been a proud resident of Marianna, Florida, all his life. Isaiah attends Marianna High School, graduating in May, and Chipola College. He attends Carmel Assembly of God and takes part in numerous organizations: Student body vice president, Anchor Club reporter, National Honors Society fundraising organizer, and a member of Film club and Beta club at Marianna High, and Phi Theta Kappa at Chipola, also an active member of Jackson County NAACP Youth Council.

As a proactive community member, Isaiah spends his days organizing and taking part in community service projects, and advocating for those in need. Long believes that small businesses, civil servants, and first responders should be the priority of the city government. He says, “I want Marianna to continue being the place where my generation and future ones can live and have families.” Isaiah believes, to be a proactive member of society, we should care about everyone and not just our neighborhood.

Marianna has about 7,500 people living in the city limits that were all hit hard by Hurricane Michael. Long wants to protect the citizens of Marianna from being victims of unfair business practices. Isaiah says, “As commissioner I will write letters, emails, make phone calls, and travel to be the advocate for the citizens of our town, all the way to the Attorney General.” Long believes government officials should have an open door policy and practices this in all aspects of life. Isaiah praises city workers, the backbone of our town; he wants to reward those who work to better and protect our city of southern charm.

Isaiah and his TV production crew at Marianna High recently teamed up with a local photographer to edit and film a video showcasing our town, Marianna, in the HGTV Hometown Takeover Contest. From this experience Long learned locals should support small businesses because they are the backbone of a small town. In our town, community members come together quickly and effectively when someone is in need. Marianna truly is a town of beauty and has THE greatest local restaurants! Isaiah says, “Our downtown is unlike any other. When I am away from Marianna for a long time, I miss main street and hearing the early risers drinking coffee at local restaurants talking about fishing, doctors’ appointments, and politics.” If you are around Isaiah long enough, you will hear him talk about the great oak trees, the best places to eat, the beautiful Chipola River and Mill Pond, the antebellum and Greek revival homes, found in his hometown, Marianna.

Long believes governments should be transparent, hosting town halls and public forums when a policy or resolution is brought to the concern of an elected official. Isaiah has studied government, law, court rulings, and history. He knows what has worked in the past and what hasn’t in government, but will look with perspective to decide if a policy or resolution is effective for the city as a whole. Isaiah wants a budget that will be easy for all to understand, and to pass a balanced budget without cutting jobs. Long says, “Our founding fathers created the American system of government to work for all, to be transparent, and ultimately have compromise amongst factions.”

Isaiah Long, local citizen of Marianna, Florida, believes in growth and development for Marianna, while supporting small businesses and keeping our air and water clean. Long’s activities in Marianna, have inspired him to run for city commissioner, and further develop our great town, while preserving values in the “City of Southern Charm.” On April 14, 2020, elect Isaiah Long for Marianna City Commissioner District 2, at Marianna City Hall! Marianna Strong!

Editor’s note: Candidates running for a locally elected office are invited to submit one written announcement and photo, which will be published, free of charge, on an inside page of the Jackson County Floridan. Candidate submissions will not be published in the two weeks prior to Election Day. Email

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