The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release early Friday morning outlining some measures being taken in an effort to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 in the local community.

Officials say they’re meant to help ensure law enforcement services to the residents of Jackson County throughout this time. “We must strive to take steps to protect our staff, so we can continue to serve and protect our community,” a press release from the agency stated.

“Most of our staff is in the low risk category as far as serious health risk from the virus due to the age of the workforce, however; we are at high risk as carriers due to the amount of contact we have with the public. In addition we have a lot of contact with the elderly population who are also at risk,” the release continued.

The release states that:

If you need to file a complaint and had planned on coming into the Sheriff’s Office in person, please consider calling and asking to speak with a deputy by phone.

If you do come to the sheriff’s office, you can expect to be screened by staff and most likely will have to speak with a deputy by your cell phone, face-to-face contact is being limited, except in extreme matters.

Sexual offenders, sexual predators and felony criminal registrations will continue to be postponed until April 6, 2020, at which time the registrants need to call into the sheriff’s office to check in for the registration schedule.

If you call the Sheriff’s Office regarding a non-emergency complaint that does not require a deputy to respond, consider asking for a deputy contact you by phone to file the report.

Deputies will still respond to calls; however, the supervisor will prioritize the calls and determine what type of response will be needed.

Emergency calls will take priority over non-emergency calls.

When a deputy responds to a call, please be expecting to step to the outdoors to talk with them, to keep them from having to enter the home or business, allowing them to follow social distancing protocols of six feet.

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