Jackson Hospital is expanding its walk-in reach to Alford. Hospital representative Amy Milton said Monday that the clinic will mirror the hospital’s Quick Care facility on U.S. Highway 90 in Marianna and that it is expected to open in the summer or fall of this calendar year.

It will be staffed by nurse practitioners, will have a medical director, and will be capable of generating patient X-rays.

To be built on U.S. 231 next to the Dollar General store inside Alford’s city limits, the exact name of the facility had not yet been chosen, but Milton said it most likely will include the “Quick Care” phrase.

“It’s something that’s been on a wish list for a while,” Milton said. “We did a study and it looked to be a good fit for us. We look forward to providing these services to the people in and around Alford.”

The building will be smaller than the one that houses the hospital’s Quick Care facility in Marianna, she said, because it will not have a long-term wound-care clinic that is co-located with the Marianna walk-in.

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