Marianna Cinemas

Bill and Sarah Homer, owners of Marianna Cinemas.

Those who have lived in the area have probably noticed changes over time with the local movie theater.  Bill and Sarah Homer, owners of Marianna Cinemas, continue to love and invest their time and energy in the community. 

Marianna Cinemas

Marianna Cinemas through the years.

Bill and Sarah are originally from upstate New York, but were living in Lexington, Kentucky, working for the owner of Marianna Twin Cinemas, when they purchased their first theater. They built up 10 small theaters, including the one in Marianna, before selling them all in 2004. Before selling the Marianna Twin Cinemas, the couple re-roofed the facility. In 2009, they were traveling through Marianna and noticed the roof was leaking on the theater.

“Marianna was one of our smaller theaters and we knew the names of the employees,” explained Bill.  So, they repurchased the property and called the roofing company to repair the roof, which was still under warranty. In 2010, they started remodeling the building and upgrading the restrooms for accessibility. In 2012, two additional theaters were added, which resulted in a name change to Marianna Cinemas. Around the same time, the owners were able to purchase digital projectors. Then, they began expanding the lobby and restrooms. 

While these improvements were fantastic, the couple plans to expand the menu by the end of summer to include hotdogs, pretzels, more candy selections and pizza.

“We take suggestions from the public,” Sarah said. 

Online ticketing and an inside ticket booth should be available by the end of July. Future plans for the business include two more auditoriums with larger screens possibly as soon as 2020. They plan to have recliner seats and stadium seating within the next year. 

“We want to keep people here in Marianna,” Bill said.

“The better we do, the better opportunity we will have for a wider film selection,” Sarah added.

Bill explained that films are booked based on public request.

The couple loves giving back to the community and has been charitable in their giving to the Marianna Fire Department and the local schools. They also try to use local contractors and subcontractors when possible.

“We really enjoy the opportunity to operate this theater in Marianna,” explained Sarah. “The people here are great.” “It’s a lovely community,” Bill added.

Marianna Cinemas has two birthday packages available for families. Call 850-526-4538 for movie times and to learn more.

Shop locally and support Marianna businesses. Visit the City of Marianna’s website,, to learn more about new businesses.

Kay Dennis, MBA, MPA, A.I.C.P., is the director of Municipal Development for the City of Marianna.

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