Alice Pate

Alice Pate

Alice Pate announces her intention to campaign for Jackson County Supervisor of Elections.

Alice has been a registered nurse for 39 years. Alice has been involved in county, state and national elections. Alice is committed to the citizens of Jackson County and feels her public service and campaign experience prepares her for the supervisor of elections role.

Alice feels the Supervisor of Elections office has a history of strong leadership. Sylvia Stephens has provided great service to Jackson County as Supervisor of Elections for the past 30 plus years. Sylvia has elected not to run for reelection. Alice wishes her a long and enjoyable retirement.

Alice was born in Poplarville, MS, and moved to Chipley at the age of five. While in high school she was dual enrolled at Chipola Collage and began nursing school at Gulf Coast Community College immediately after graduating from Chipley High School. She earned her associate of science degree in nursing and became a licensed registered nurse in 1980. During her career Alice has worked for Jackson Hospital, Washington County Council on Aging, WestPoint Home, and the Florida Department of Health in Jackson and Washington counties. Alice has experience managing programs and departments, developing and implementing protocols, setting and managing budgets, as well as working with and supervising coworkers.

Alice married her high school sweetheart, Clint Pate, in 1981. They moved into Jackson County where they raised their family and still live. They have two children, Anthony (Alyssa) Pate and Hannah (Shannon) O’Steen. They are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

Alice has been an active member of the Republican Party where she has served as the secretary and chairman of Jackson County Republican Party. Alice currently serves as the State Committee Woman representing Jackson County on the Republican Party of Florida Executive Committee and has been elected for her second term as secretary of the State Committee Men/Women Caucus. While Alice has been involved in Republican politics for several years, she understands the importance of being non-partisan in the supervisor of elections office. As the Supervisor of Elections Alice would remain neutral to party affiliations. Alice assures that she would not attempt to sway customers to either political party. Alice just wants everyone eligible to register and cast their vote for the candidate they feel is best for the job.

Alice has been involved in campaigns for County Commissioners in Washington and Jackson counties. She has campaigned for candidates for state and national offices. Alice believes her experience in campaigns has helped her to build a knowledge of campaign rules and law. She understands why it is important to have and follow rules.

Alice is passionate about ensuring efficient, accurate, and fair elections for all. Alice also believes her attention to detail, honesty, fairness and strong conservative Christian values will serve her well in this office. In all roles, Alice demonstrates a high commitment to excellence.

The freedom and right to vote is one of our most sacred liberties and with it come great responsibility. Our freedom comes at a cost which has been paid by those who fought and died to protect our Constitutional Republic. As the “informed electorate” we have the awesome responsibility of selecting our future leaders by casting our ballots to help shape our communities, state, and nation. Your vote ensures that our government is “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Alice believes Americans are privileged to have the right to vote. So many other countries are not blessed to have our democratic system allowing everyone to have a vote. It is important to teach others the importance of exercising this right. We must promote and protect the right to voice our opinion by casting our vote.

Alice feels the most important issue facing Jackson County Supervisor of Elections office is to ensure our voting rolls are accurate and up to date. We have a very mobile society. If someone moves out of our county or passes away it is important that they are removed from the voting roll.

Alice also believes that registering voters is an important role of the supervisor of elections office. Whether it is registering young people as they come of age or an adult that has moved to our community. We need to ensure that everyone who is eligible has the opportunity to register and vote in Jackson County.

Alice humbly asks for your consideration, support and vote for Alice Pate for Jackson County Supervisor of Elections.

Editor’s note: Candidates running for a locally elected office are invited to submit one written announcement and photo, which will be published, free of charge, on an inside page of the Jackson County Floridan. Candidate submissions will not be published in the two weeks prior to Election Day. Email

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