A big community event will be held on the anniversary of Hurricane Michael to commemorate the struggles, victories and remaining challenges associated with the Category 5 storm that left so much destruction in its wake. Jackson County Tourist Development Council Executive Director Christy Andreasen updated Jackson County Commissioners on the project Tuesday evening.

The event will be held at Citizens Lodge from 4-8 p.m. Entertainment, food, and various community activities are being planned. “Hometown Heroes” will be recognized for all they’ve done to help following the storm. A tribute to linemen is also planned, and a small art show is also part of the event.

Committees working on the project are accepting sponsorships, donations, and volunteers as organizers continue to nail down all the details. For more information, call:


As northwest Florida continues to recover almost a year after Hurricane Michael, cross-state northeast Florida and the entire east coast of the peninsula awaits the potential arrival of Hurricane Dorian.

Nothing was certain as to its path and strength at this writing, and there were even suggestions by a few forecasters that it could break up with no landfall. But as of late Thursday night, most models indicated it could come ashore at possible Category 4 strength with winds of 140 mph or more. Officials also don’t rule out the possibility that it could also re-emerge in the Gulf of Mexico after crossing land east-to-west in Florida. That could put Jackson County at more risk and at any rate the local area is likely to see some effects such as high winds and rain as the storm moves inland. Although earlier predictions had it coming ashore on Labor Day, it had slowed some Thursday and that pushed the projected landfall potentially to the next day.

It was updated from a tropical storm Wednesday afternoon; Forecasters’ models varied and shifted regarding its projected path and intensity but most pointed to the lower central-to-south coast as of late Thursday night, near St. Lucie. And hurricane force winds or disturbed weather conditions could extend far inland, as well, ahead of and after landfall.

Gov. Ron DeSantis had declared a related state of emergency in Florida Wednesday afternoon.

As it churned landward during the week, various bits of advice were shared regarding a number of issues related to storm preparedness.

Local authorities also hope that the approach of the storm has promoted local residents to check their own level of readiness even though this particular storm may not be bound directly for Jackson County.

Officials urged all in the state to prepare. One of their biggest pieces of advice: Build an emergency kit.

The basic disaster survival kit

Before a storm, prepare and double-check a disaster survival kit. It should include these and other applicable items: At least one gallon of water per day per person for a period of three to seven days; non-perishable packaged or canned foods; non-electric can opener, disposable plates and utensils; flashlights and extra batteries; a first aid kit; medications(Florida law allows pharmacies to refill prescribed medications if your county of residence is under a hurricane warning and/or certain other state-of-emergency conditions), sun screen and bug spray; a battery-powered or hand-cranked weather radio; fully charged cell phone; toiletries; a full tank of gas in all vehicles; a spare propane tank or charcoal for grills if those are in your supply inventory; special items as needed for babies, elderly and other special populations, as well as items needed for pets; important documents stored in a waterproof container, things like insurance cards, medical records, bank account and credit card information, Social Security cards, birth and marriage certificates, documentation of valuables, and important phone numbers. Extra cash should be obtained early as well.

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