Haid speaks with Optimist Club

From left, are: Marianna Optimist Club President Quinton Hollis and Property Appraiser and new Optimist member Rebecca Morris-Haid.

Jackson County Property Appraiser and Optimist Rebecca Morris-Haid recently addressed Marianna Optimist Club members regarding how storm damage can affect area resident’s tax responsibilities and the importance of filling out and returning the recent mail-outs from her office.

Following Hurricane Michael, the Property Appraiser’s office was forced to relocate to Clinton Street due to storm damage to the building. Morris-Haid quickly realized that she was going to need assistance based on the enormity of the task at hand.

Numerous counties around the state assisted and continue to do so. The Property Appraiser’s office has to send representatives to all 18,000 improved parcels of property within the county to assess damage. Three members of her office staff that normally work in the office are in the field every day, documenting damages.

TRIM notices were sent out recently reflecting the estimated reduction in assessed valued as a result of damage. However, citizens need to send in pictures and descriptions of their damage status as of the last day of 2018. These submissions can be done by email at www.qpublic.net/jackson.

Several people have inquired about whether or not they will lose their Homestead Exemption if they are temporarily displaced due to the storm. Morris-Haid said that a homeowner’s exemption is safe so long as they return to live in the property within three years and she reminded everyone that you can only claim Homestead Exemption on one piece of property at a time.

Tax bills went out Nov. 1, but can be amended, if necessary.

If you have any questions, the Property Appraiser’s office can be reached at 850-482-9646. The Optimist Club of Marianna greatly appreciates Rebecca Morris-Haid and our Property Appraiser’s office for their dedication to our citizens during this obviously trying time.

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