Jackson County Commissioners plan to give all county employees a two-percent raise this year and additional increases for those with three years or more of service.

Board members voted in a recent meeting to include those increases in the budget they approved in that session. The formal adoption of the budget is set for Monday, Sept. 9, in a meeting that begins at 5:01 p.m.

The total cost for the first year of raises comes to about $421,545, and the money will come out of the carried-forward money from last year’s budget.

Those who have worked for the county three through five years will get an additional $500 raise beyond the two percent; those with 6-14 years will get $750 extra; those with 15-25 years will get $1,000; those with 25-29 years will get $1.500; and those with 30 years or more will get $2,000. These increases will occur each year for three years running, if the budget will allow it each of those years.

The increases planned beyond this year will be contingent on availability of funds, cautions Karlyn Tidwell, Deputy County Administrator of Operations, Budget and Community Services.

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