Katie Jones

Katie Jones, Area Manager of Rotech.

There are times when you may find yourself in need of home medical equipment. Rotech Oxygen and Medical Equipment may be the option for you. Katie Jones, Area Manager from Pensacola shared how Rotech is primarily a respiratory company. They specialize in CPAP and BIPAP machines and equipment, oxygen, nebulizers and ventilators.

For those not familiar with these types of equipment, ventilators are machines that assist in getting oxygen into lungs and removing carbon dioxide. Nebulizers change medication from a liquid to a mist so that it may be more easily inhaled into lungs. CPAP machines, otherwise known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy, is a treatment used for sleep apnea, where the patient is able to receive a steady and constant air pressure while they sleep. BIPAP machines are sometimes prescribed for patience with high pressure settings and low oxygen levels. Since these types of equipment are specialized and deal with breathing, Rotech has a Respiratory Therapist on staff to assist with fitting and other equipment needs.

Katie shared their number one sellers are oxygen, CPAP and BIPAP equipment. She suggested that sleep apnea may be more prevalent because of lifestyles and its relation to other health conditions. Sleep Apnea has become so common that pilots, bus drivers and similar professional industries require routine testing.

A division of Rotech is Sleep Central. Patients are able to obtain assistance through an automated call, email, drop shipment with some insurance, online portal and a person on the other end of the phone. “We really are trying to make it conducive for people,” Katie added.

Katie shared that “Rotech also has the equipment on hand, but sometimes insurance requirements may lead to multiple appointments.” Rotech is a referral base company that requires a physician’s prescription. However, their focus is on building good relationships with their clients. “We are contracted with most insurance and strive for same day delivery or pickup,” Katie added. In fact, the staff at Rotech will deliver to your home and help setup the equipment for you. Depending on the equipment, a Respiratory Therapist will often follow up to make sure everything is working smoothly and all your questions are answered.

The Rotech Company is located across the United States. The Marianna Rotech office covers the entire panhandle area. “We are a 24 hour company with an after-hours call service” Katie added. “I love helping people and making a difference,” she continued.

Visit Rotech at 2886C Jefferson Street in Marianna between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, or call her at 850-482-7463. What a great business for Marianna! Visit the City of Marianna’s website at http://www.mariannafl.city/335/New-Businesses-and-Other-Community-News to learn more about businesses in Marianna.

Kay Dennis, MBA, MPA, A.I.C.P., is the director of Municipal Development for the City of Marianna.

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