It is with tremendous pleasure that I am afforded the privilege and opportunity to express my intent to seek re-election to the Jackson County Board of Commissioner for District 1.

While I am elected by the citizens of District 1, I remain committed to serve all citizens of our county. This claim is evidenced by my responsiveness to citizens who reside in districts outside of District 1.

In the time that I have been serving, I pledged to represent Jackson County citizens in a responsible and professional manner. I pledged honesty, integrity and transparency in representing the citizenry of our beautiful county. When re-elected, I will continue to represent you with the same energy, integrity and honesty that I pledged in the past.

Unfortunately, I cannot make specific promises in that the board of county commissioners is comprised of five board members and decisions made by this board require a majority vote on proposed motions. However, I continue to pledge to work diligently to promote Jackson County in a manner that will be conducive to economic development, improved county infrastructure, promote safely for our citizens and the provision of adequate funding to all departments that function under the auspices of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

I thank you for your unwavering and kind support over the years and I solicit your vote and support in re-electing me to the position of Jackson County Commissioner for District 1.

Again, many thanks for allowing me to represent you. It has truly been a pleasure and a privilege.

Editor’s note: Candidates running for a locally elected office are invited to submit one written announcement and photo, which will be published, free of charge, on an inside page of the Jackson County Floridan. Candidate submissions will not be published in the two weeks prior to Election Day. Email —Ed.

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