Thomas Vincent Murphy

Thomas Vincent Murphy

Fear is all around us. The coronavirus has caused most of us to have big concerns on what’s taking place in our world and in our country.

We didn’t have any control over this virus coming into our lives, but how we take precautions to assure our safety is something we can control.

This is definitely a time to be cautious about our actions, but we mustn’t allow fear to keep us from making wise decisions.

There’s no doubt that we must pay close attention to what’s going on in our world, but one of the most interesting things about the coronavirus is that some of those who are most fearful are considered devout Christians or people who say they believe in God’s protection! It’s easy for us Christians to say that we strongly believe in God’s word, but there are times when actions speak louder than words.

During this coronavirus pandemic, many of us will be truly tested about our beliefs. America was founded with the statement “In God We Trust” at the forefront of our beliefs. Have our morals dropped so low that we’ve forgotten this fact?

There are more people than we might think who actually don’t believe in God, so they only have their personal beliefs and theories to lean on. However, those of us who really trust and believe in God and His word have no reason to be fearful when trials and tribulations come our way, because we have the powerful weapon called “prayer.”

We must adhere to what the experts in the medical field are telling us to do, beginning with washing our hands whenever we should. During this time in our history, it’s important that we as the media remind our readers, listeners and viewers of the things they can do to protect themselves as well as their love ones.

The coronavirus has affected the whole world. While we wish the best for others across the globe, as citizens of our great country, each of us should pray or say, in our own way, “God bless America!”

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated on a network of stations worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network. He is part of Loud Cry Radio Network out of Ontario, Canada and is part of We Broadcast on Line Radio out of South Carolina. He is a writer, arranger and producer of music, and the author of the book “Wake up Crazy World.” He can be reached at

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