Chipola baseball swept aside all before them during a four-day marathon that started Thursday.


All the scoring in Sunday’s game against the Columbia Chargers was in the middle, the third and fourth inning to be specific.

But there was plenty of defense on display during the rest of the game.

The Chargers had the first at bat, but Parker Pillsbury sat them down with back to back-to-back strikeouts.

In the bottom of the inning, Chipola struggled to get things moving offensively and the Chargers quickly struck out Jozef Rohrbacher, picked off Daniel Cerda in a fielder’s choice, and caught Corey Rosier stealing second.

The second was similarly brief.

A dropped third strike got the first Chargers runner, with Ivan Johnson and Alex Arauz closing down the top of the inning with a double play.

In the bottom of the second Johnson and Cameron Gray were walked, but they were both picked off. Connor Kehl got a double, but Julio Carrion lined out for number three.

Things started to get more interesting in the third.

The Chargers started things with a ground out that Cerda and Arauz handled, but the second batter was hit by a pitch for a free trip to first. He then stole second right before the third batter hit a hard grounder that brought him home.

Columbia was up 1-0, but the next two batters were retired with prejudice thanks to a strikeout by Pillsbury and a ground out handled by Carrion and Arauz.

Arauz was struck out to start bottom of the third, but Anderson wore a pitch for a free trip to first. Rohrbacher followed him to first after four balls.

Cerda flied out for out number two but Rosier got tagged by a pitch to load the bases. Johnson then hits a double that scores all of them and give Chipola a 3-1 lead.

Gray grounded out for the third out.

The fourth was here and Columbia celebrated by starting things off with a double.

A grounder gave the Indians an out, but batter three hit a double that brought the score to 3-2 Chipola.

A fly ball to Kehl was out number two, but a pair of errors managed to tie the game up and give Chipola its third out. 

It was the bottom of the fourth and now it was Chipola’s turn.

Kehl hit a pop up for an out, but Carrion got to first on an error and rapidly moved to third on a passed ball and a wild pitch before being brought home by a single from Arauz.

A single by Anderson put two ducks on the pond and a blown fielder’s choice hit by Rohrbacher brought one in to make it 5-3 Chipola. Cerda was hit by a pitch to load the bases for the Indians and a sacrifice fly by Rosier brought in Anderson.

6-3 Chipola.

Johnson was walked on balls to load the bases and Rohrbacher wasted no time. A passes ball brought him in to make it 7-3 Chipola.

Gray flied out for the third out, but Chipola had solidified its lead.

The Chargers started the fifth with an out, but an error got the second batter to first.

Number three grounded out but four was hit by a pitch to put two runners on the bases for Columbia.

Number five hit a grounder to Johnson that he handed off shortstop Cerda for out number three.

The bottom of the fifth was ill-favored for the Indians.

Kehl flied out, Carrion popped out, and Arauz lined out.

The sixth wasn’t very good for anyone. Columbia flied out to Griffin Hampton and then they grounded out to Johnson and Rohrbacher. Chipola had Hampton strike out, Rohrbacher and Cerda both lined out.

The seventh was the Chargers last hope.

It didn’t go well.

The first batter went down on a dropped third strike, the second and third hit a grounders to Gray and Cerda that they passed on to Arauz at first for quick outs.

Chipola won 7-3.


This game was a lot of fun for Chipola fans. Charger fans? Not so much.

In the first Columbia started things off with a pop fly to Pillsbury in left field, but they followed it up with a single and a hitter getting a free trip to first after being tagged by a pitch from Jacob Smith.

Arauz was in at catcher and he sniped a ball to Carrion at third for out two.

The Charger were able to load the bases thanks to a walk and another player being hit by a pitch, but it was for naught as a grounder to shortstop Rivera was thrown to Gray at first for the third out.

Rohrbacher was first up for the Indians in the bottom of the first, but he struck out looking. Rosier was next but he grounded out.

Rivera was next and he was walked on balls. His seat didn’t even have a chance to get cold though. Johnson smacked a line drive into the left that scored him. Gray was up next and he hit line drive into centerfield that brought in Johnson.

Carrion got a single and Gray scored on an error before Arauz went down swinging for the third out.

The Indians were up 3-0.

The top of the second was brief.

The first batter grounded out and Smith struck out number two. Number three got tagged by a pitch but four grounded out to Johnson and Gray.

Pillsbury struck out to start the bottom of the second for Chipola, but Kehl got a single off a line drive into center.

Rohrbacher hit a fielder’s choice that caught Kehl, bur Rosier hit a hard single to right field that got Rohrbacher to third.

He promptly stole home plate to make it 4-0 Chipola, but Rosier was picked off at second for the third out.

Columbia got on the scoreboard in the third.

Smith struck out their first batter, but the next two made it to the bases on a single and a walk.

The fourth batter hit a grounder to right and brought in a run.

Smith struck out the next batter for two and the third out went to a grounder handled by Rivera and Gray.

The bottom of the third was short but hardly sweet for Chipola.

Rivera got a single, but was caught stealing and Johnson flied out. Gray got hit by a pitch and made it into scoring position at third thanks to a wild pitch and passed ball, but he was left stranded when Carrion hit a pop up for out three.

Columbia got a single in the top of the fourth, but they also got two ground outs and a strikeout and no runs.

In fairness the fourth was universally cruel.

For Chipola Arauz lined out , Pillsbury struck out and Kehl grounded out.

The fifth would prove kinder.

The Chargers started their inning with a double. It was followed by a Rivera and Gray ground out and a strikeout by new Chipola Pitcher Logan Jarosz.

That first batter was able to safely make it to third though and a single brought him home to make it 4-2 Chipola.

Columbia followed that up with a walk, but a fly ball to Rosier in right field brought their at bat to a close.

Chipola was at bat. Rohbacher was hit by a pitch to start the at bat and Rosier and Rivera followed up with singles to load the bases Rohrbacher scored on a error and then Johnson hit a triple to bring in Rosier and Rivera. A single by Gray then brought in Johnson.

Carrion got a single thanks to an error to put two runners on the bases.

The Chargers were finally able to put the brakes on Chipola when Baker grounded out and both Pillsbury and Hampton struck out swinging.

Chipola was up 8-2 though

The top of the sixth brought no joy to Columbia.

They had a strikeout, a ground out and pop out and then it was Chipola’s turn again.

Rohrbacher was walked and  Michawl Cullen was hit by a pitch, but Rivera flied out to right field for the first out. Johnson grounded out for out number two but Rohrbacher scored to make it 9-2 Chipola. Gray hit a grounder and reached first on an error.

Cullen stole home during Carrions at bat to make 10-2 Chipola and then Carrion hit a hard ground ball to bring in Gray and make it 11-2 Indians.

Baker struck out for out three.

The top of the seventh had arrived and Chipola shut down the Chargers with three quick outs.

Friday’s game against East Mississippi Community College was 6-5 squeaker but on Thursday they beat Gordon State College 7-1.

 Chipola will be on the road until March 1 when they start a series against Grand Rapids Community College.

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