The Chipola Indians doomed the Wallace College Governors to a 12-7 defeat with an explosive second inning during Tuesday’s home game.

The Governors got off to pretty good start though.

The first batter grounded out to Julio Carrion, but a walk and home run put Wallace up 2-0.

Two more walks and some steals got runners into scoring position for the Governors, but a ground out to Joshua Rivera and a fly ball to Conner Kehl wrapped up the inning.

Chipola was up but Jordan Anderson struck out and Jozsef Rohrbacher hit a pop up for out number two.

Rivera was walked on balls and Ivan Johnson got a single, but Cameron Gray grounded out to end the inning.

Fortune continued to smile on the Governors in the second.

Chipola’s Matthew Dickey took over pitching duties from Baker but while he got two quick strikeouts , he also gave up a walk that scored on a defensive error  to make it 3-0 Governors.

The next three up were walks that brought in another run to make it 4-0.

While the Governors had the bases loaded, a ground out to Rivera cut their fun short.

The Indians were at bat. Cue the fireworks.

Carrion was walked and Michael Cullen kept him moving on to third with a double.

Corey Rosier got a single to bring in Carrion and get Chipola on the board. Kehl hit a fielder’s choice that picked off Rosier, but Cullen scored to make 4-2 Governors.

Chipola was making solid progress and a home run by Jordan Anderson brought in Kehl for a 4-4 tie.

Rohrbacher was hit by a pitch and Rivera and Johnson singled to seemingly tip the in Chipola’s favor, then a home run by Marianna’s own Cameron Gray confirmed it.

Chipola was now up 8-4.

Carrion hit a double, but was left stranded when Cullen went down swinging and Rosier grounded out.

The Governors were still up for a fight.

They started the third with a home run that made it 8-5 Chipola.

Dickey struck out the next batter, but Wallace was able to load the bases with a single, an error and a walk.

Unfortunately for Wallace a fielder’s choice and a line-out to Kehl in right field  wrapped up the inning before they could get any more runs.

In the bottom of the third Kehl singled to center, but got caught stealing. Anderson flied out and Rohrbacher grounded out.

In the top of the fourth Rohrbacher was catching and he caught a foul ball for the first out. Rivera and Gray handled a grounder for number two. Bennett was pitching and he got a strikeout for three.

The bottom of the fourth was also one, two, three. Rivera and Johnson struck out and Gray flied out.

Top of the fifth?

Johnson got a ground out, but the second batter got a single. Then he got caught in a double play to bring Chipola back to bat.

It was the bottom of the fifth and the Indians were finally able to break the pattern the game seemed to have settled into.

Carrion hit a double and got to third on a wild pitch. Cullen followed that up with a hard grounder to center that scored Carrion.

9-5 Chipola.

Rosier popped out for the first Chipola out, but Kehl got a single that scored Cullen to make it 10-5 Chipola.

The Governors were able to get Anderson on a ground out and Rohrbacher on a fly ball to end the inning.

While Wallace was back at bat its situation had not improved.

The first out went to second baseman Johnson on a pop up and the next two were strikeouts by Bennett.

The bottom of the six brought another Chipola run. This one was on a homer by Rivera.

Chipola struggled in the rest of the inning. Carrion got a walk, but Johnson struck out, Gray grounded out and Cullen was out at first.

A pair of solo homers in the seventh cut Chipola’s lead to four (11-7) and seemed to bring new hope to the Governors, but a fly ball, a ground out and a line out cut short any momentum building.

The bottom of the seventh inning brought another Chipola run. Rosier hit a single before heading to second on a wild pitch.  Kehl hit a single but was trapped at first when Anderson hit a sacrifice fly to bring in Rosier. Rohrbacher and Rivera both struck out to end the inning.

Wallace was able to load the bases again in the top of the eighth, but Gray got a strikeout and Rosier had two line outs to leave them all marooned.

Johnson was walked to start the bottom of the eighth, but was soon caught stealing second and Gray got out on a fly ball.

Carrion was walked, but Daniel Cerda was struck out to end the inning.

The ninth was Wallace’s last hope, but Howell got a strikeout and Chipola followed that up with a double play by Rivera and Gray.

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