The Marianna Lady Bulldogs kicked softball off by beating Wewahitchka 7-0 Friday and Wakulla 5-3 Saturday during a preseason tournament.


Marianna had the run of the table against Wewa as Chloe Temples and the Bulldogs defense thwarted every effort by the Gators.

Lauren Brock and Deana Holland started things off with singles, but Temples and Gabby Bess popped out for two outs.

Then Amari Brown stood up and hit a line drive double that scored Brock and Temples.

Lexie Spooner grounded out and Wewa was up to bat.

Bess and Anni Beebe handled a grounder for the first out with Temples getting back to back strikeouts.

The Lady Bulldogs were up 2-0.

In the top of the second, Wewa struck out Marianna’s first two batters, Beebe and Brayden Williams, and Brock got out on a pop-up to right field.

The Gators didn’t do any better. Temples struck out their first two batters and the third hit a grounder to her that she tossed to Beebe for out three.

Marianna was up 2-0, but the third inning would bring them some more runs.

Holland hit a single and Temple got tagged by a pitch to start things off.

Angel Curry came in for Temples.

Holland then stole third base as Curry headed to second due to defensive ennui.  They didn’t spend much time on those bases though. Holland scored on an error and Bess hit a single that scored Curry.

Brown was up next and while she was walked, Bess got caught stealing for the first out. Lexie Spooner struck out for number two, and Beebe grounded out.

Marianna was now up 4-0.

Temples struck out their first batter, but number two got to first on a defensive error.

Number three hit a pop up to Spooner, but number four hit a single that got a Wewa runner into scoring position.

Temples then struck out the next batter.

The fourth brought more runs for Marianna.

Williams hit a line drive single, but she moved to second on a sacrifice bunt by Jayden Sorey and Brock hit a line-drive double to score her.

Holland followed that double with one of her own that scored Brock.

Temples went down swinging for out number two and Bess hit s single to score Holland, but Brown grounded out to end the at bat.

Wewa was up, and then they were down. Temples struck out three batters in a row.

Marianna was up 7-0 as the game reached the fifth.

Spooner got out on a pop-up but Lauryn Tucker reached first on an error. Curry and Cheyann Blackmon both went down swinging for the second and third out.

The Gators were up but Temples struck out their first batter and the next two grounded out to Bess and Temples.

The sixth had arrived and Marianna was still up.

Barber struck out but Holland got a single and Temples was walked on balls.

She was picked off on a fielder’s choice hit by Bess for the second out and Brown was struck out for three.

The bottom of the sixth had arrived and this was Wewa’s last chance.

Their first hitter got as far as third, but the next two batters were picked off on grounders and the fourth was struck out by Temples.

MHS vs. Wakulla

The Lady Bulldogs game against the Wakulla War Eagles would prove to be a tougher fight.

Marianna was the first to bat again.

Brock was hit by a pitch to start the game, and she stole second and third during Deana Holland’s at bat.

Holland got out on a pop up to bring up Temples.  She was walked, but not before a wild pitch brought in Brock.

Bess hit a single to get two runners set up on the bases and Brown hit a double that brought them both in.

Brown was picked off on a fielder’s choice hit by Curry and Tucker grounded out to end the inning.

Wakulla was up and a single and double got them on the board fast but their third batter hit a grounder Brock who threw it to Tucker at first for out number one.

Another single got two ducks on the pond and one of them was able swim home on a ground out to Brock and Tucker.

A single brought the last duck safely home and tied things up 3-3 before a pop up to Sorey ended the first inning.

The second would be scoreless for both teams.

In the top Williams and Sorey were out on pop ups. Brock got a single, but Holland hit a line out to the left fielder to end the at bat.

In the bottom Wakulla was up and down in three.

Williams caught a pop up with Brock and Brown handling grounders with Tucker.

The third inning had a much more promising start for Marianna.

Temples hit a double that Bess followed up with a single.

Brown got to first thanks to a grounder and a defensive error. That error also let Temples and Bess score to make it 5-3 Marianna.

Brown was left stranded. Curry grounded out as both Tucker and Williams hit pop-outs.

The bottom of the third wasn’t as good to Wakulla.

They brought up four hitters but while they were able to get a single, one hit a line out to Sorey and the other two hit pops ups to Bess and brock.

The fourth was kind to no one

During Marianna’s at bat Holland was walked but Sorey, Holland, and Temples all grounded out.

Wakulla got a single, but a strikeout and ground outs to Holland and Brock wrapped things up.

In the fifth, Bess, Brown, and Curry all grounded out for Marianna.

Wakulla got a single but the next three batters hit pop ups to Bess (twice) and Brown.

The sixth was just as quick.

Sorey got a single, but Spooner grounded out with Beebe and Brock striking out.

Wakulla had similar luck.

They got a single but Brock caught up a pop up and Beebe got a strikeout. The game’s final out was fielder’s choice with Bess and Brock.

The Lady Bulldogs’ next game will be at Chiles Friday at 6 p.m.

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