The Sneads Pirates took to the high seas of the softball season Friday, but Wakulla and Freeport quickly fell afoul of the Lady Pirates.

Sneads vs. Wakulla

The War Eagles were up to bat first, but it wouldn’t prove to be a productive inning for them

Their first batter got to first on an error and would steal her way to third before being caught trying to steal home by catcher Michaela Edenfield and pitcher Marissa Baxter. Their other two batters were out on a fly out to Kiara Garrett and a grounder handled by Baxter and Taylor Lanphere at first.

Sneads was up, but Abby Perkins struck out looking and Baxter grounded out.

Edenfield smacked a line drive into center field for a home run, but Garrett was struck out.

Sneads was up 1-0.

The second inning was all defense.

Baxter struck out the first batter and the next two were ground outs handled by Edenfield, Perkins, and Lanphere

Sneads was up but Lanphere grounded out, Amber Clark popped out, and Georgia Scott struck out.

The third would favor the Pirates.

Sneads knocked out the Eagles in three: a pop up to Glover; a ground out to Baxter; and line out to Perkins.

Then it was the Pirates’ turn.

Glover and Perkins reached first on errors and Stephens was walked.

With the bases loaded, Baxter hit a line drive to right field to score Glover.

Wakulla walked Edenfield which scored Stephens.

Garrett struck out swinging for out number one and Lanphere hit a sacrifice fly to scored Perkins for out number two.

Amber Clark hit a pop up for out number three, but Sneads was now up 4-0.

The Lady Pirates wrapped up the top of the fourth quickly.

Wakulla got a single again, but Baxter and Lanphere handled a grounder for the first out with Lanphere soloing a pop up for out number two. Baxter struck out number three.

The bottom of the fourth wasn’t good for Sneads, either.

Scott and Glover both hits pop outs and Stephens grounded out.

The fifth would be kinder to the Pirates.

Glover and Lanphere handled a ground out, but Wakulla was able to get a single and survive a fielder’s choice with no outs. A sacrifice bunt was out number two though and Edenfield got number three trying to steal home.

Sneads was at bat.

Perkins walked, Baxter hit a single, Edenfield walked and Garrett was hit by a pitch to score Garrett.

Lanphere was walked to score Baxter; Taylor Howell was walked to score Edenfield.

A wild pitch scored Garrett during Scott’s at-bat and then Scott was walked.

Glover hit a fielder’s choice that caught Smith, and Stephens struck out swinging.

Perkins was walked and that brought in Howell to make it 9-0 Sneads.

Baxter hit a fly out to end inning.

Wakulla had one at bat left.

It looked like it would be another quick one, but they dug deep and scored some runs.

The first two batters grounded out, but they were able to turn four singles and an error into three runs, before a fly ball to Stephens in left field ended the game.

The Lady Pirates won 9-3.

Sneads vs. Freeport

This matchup was another defense-heavy game.

Freeport batted first but it wasn’t productive.

The first batter hit a grounder that Stephens and Lanphere handled for the first out.

The second and third batter got caught in a double play by Perkins, Baxter, and Lanphere.

When Sneads came up, Perkins hit a single. He would go on to steal second and grab third after a wild pitch before being brought in by a double hit by Baxter.

Edenfield was walked but he got caught it a fielder’s choice hit by Lanphere.

Clark and Scott grounded out.

In the second Freeport’s first batter grounded out to Lanphere. Their second hitter got a double but he was caught in another double play after the third batter bunted. Edenfield and Perkins managed the mischief this time.

Sneads was up.

Alexa Porto hit a single but got caught trying to steal second. Smith grounded out but Stephens made it to first on a error.

Perkins grounded out for number three.

It was three up and three down for both teams in the third.

Porto and Baxter handled pop ups for two outs with Stephens and Lanphere dealing with a grounder for number three.

For Sneads Baxter popped out. Edenfield was walked but he got caught in a double play with Lanphere for three outs.

The fourth seemed to bring an ill wind for Sneads.

The first batter hit a pop up to Edenfield and the second grounded out to Perkins and Lanphere, but a pair of errors would bring in a run for Freeport to tie things up 1-1.

The third out went to Clark who caught a fly ball to the outfield.

Sneads was able to recover their lead in the bottom of the inning.

A single and a walk set things up and a single by Porto brought in a run to make it 2-1 Sneads before Freeport caught Scott stealing home, Smith grounded out and Stephens struck out.

In the fifth Perkins took over pitching duties from Stephens and got the first batter out.

The next two batters walked but one was caught stealing for out number two and the fourth batter was struck out.

Fortune favored the Pirates in the bottom of the inning.

Perkins was walked and stole second. A single by Baxter send him home to make it 3-1 Sneads.

Baxter was caught stealing third for the first out, but Edenfield hit a double to right field and Lanphere got on thanks to a Freeport error.

A wild pitch brought in Edenfield to make it 4-1, but Clark was out on a line drive to the shortstop and Scott struck out looking.

The top of the six was Freeport’s only hope, but while a walk and single made it look promising it would prove to be a mirage.

Coleman and Lanphere got a ground out as Baxter and Edenfield got a fielder’s choice.

Perkins picked off a Freeporter heading to second to end the game.

Sneads won 4-1.

The Lady Pirates will be heading to Blountstown Thursday before hosting Wewa Friday night.

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